Honda CB-200 1976 “Prengkald-Prengkold”

It can be said “Prengkald-Prengkold” is the rush project from Brodonolo Garage, because it just took a month to finish.

Basic concept of “Prengkald-Prengkold” is modifying Honda CB-200 1976 minimally but also maintain the feel of sporty, classic, and elegant. In modification process, we use the original frame, with a little bit chopping here and there to pursue the design we want.

Then we continue with customing some parts like gas tank, footpeg, headlamp, etc. We make gas tank, fender, and side cover using aluminium. We add some carving touches in some parts. Those carving portray the harmonization between human being, animal and plants which is made artistically and detailed. We also add gold accent on hand bar and footpeg using brass.

After all the process finished, we show “Prengkald-Prengkold”  off at KUSTOM FEST 2012 on 6-7 October 2012 in Jogja Expo Center, Yogyakarta.

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  1. saya sangat senang mendapatkan Informasi tentang Otomotif dan paling di sukai dari blog anda adalah Honda CB Classic atau Jadul terimakasih Infonya saya masih nunggu artikel terbaru anda termaksih saya tidak akan pernah lupa karena artikel anda sangat bermanfaat


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